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  • Registration Process

    Registration for the next intake can only be done during our registration period. The registration period will be announced shortly after a period closes.

    Chapter One


  • Registration Intake Date

    April 2018 Intake Registration period

    Registration opens: 02 March 2018

    Registration closes: 30 March 2018

  • Registration Form

    Registration can be done via:

    Online form: Click Here

    Phone: send code (Ijazah Programme 2018) to 96144441

    Interested individuals who missed a registration period can notify us.

  • Trial Class Registration

    A one session trial class designed to let curious individuals have a peek to the traditional way of learning Islamic Calligraphy with the Hamidi Methodology. This class aims to open the doors of learning Islamic Calligraphy to the masses. Participants will be able to experience how our class is conducted with introduction to writing Islamic Calligraphy with the wooden pen and writing Arabic Penmanship with the normal pen.

    More info: Click here
    Sign Up Arabic Calligraphy Class in Singapore