Most frequent questions and answers

Programme Content

The Arabic Penmanship levels 1 and 2 are mandatory levels for all our learners. We encourage all our learners to go through these levels as it provides strong foundation for them. Learning these levels is also beneficial as it has a practical usage of improving learners daily handwriting of the Arabic language.

The levels are arranged as a continuous study pattern as each level will provide learners a systematic mastery of Islamic calligraphy thus all levels must be learned in order of arrangement. 


Skipping a level will mean that a learner will miss certain fundamentals that may be important to master the next level. Always keep in the mind that the learning methodology is interconnected for every level.  

The levels are arranged so that the learning methodology is interconnected from one level to the next and will help the learners to form a clear understanding of every script. 

Levels 1 to 4 are considered the basics and the start of the learning journey for every learner. On that note, it is important to us that every learner focuses on these levels to master the basics.  

The Achievement Certificate awarded at the end of the level 1-3 is a certificate recognizing that a learner has completed a level, it is signed and supported by the teaching faculty of The Bustan Khat. Whereas the license awarded at the end of level 4 and above is a recognition of the achievement of the learner in mastering a script. The learners must prepare and write their own license which will then be endorsed by their teacher. 

Generally, a learner will take about 24 hours to finish levels 1-3. However, for levels 4 and above it will depend heavily on the learner’s commitment as these levels are more intensive and will take an average of a year or less for each level.

Class Related

Absolutely, a learner will gradually be able to identify Arabic letters and words as they progress because the trainer will give specific instructions on what individual learner has to write. A learner who needs more assistance will be given their due needs. 

There is no age limit for this programme. We welcome all working adults and learners as young as 13 years old.

Our classes are open and flexible, learners are free to choose the timing that they want to attend. Every learner will be given a priority of 1 session per week any additional timing will be subjected to availability of space. 

The preview class is prepared to let curious individuals have a peek on the on-goings of our classes. Participants will be able to experience learning Arabic Penmanship and Islamic Calligraphy.  

After making the deposit to secure a place in class, learners will receive an introductory package which will include instructions on how to do class bookings, making fee payments and course materials.

For levels 1-3 learners will receive 2 booklets, course materials and a pen. For levels 4 and above learner will receive a calligraphy tools set and course materials.