Arabic Penmanship

Level 1 - 3 Arabic penmanship

The Arabic Penmanship level will cover the aspects of daily handwriting of the Arabic Language. These levels are designed as a preparatory period for learners who aspire to pursue knowledge in Islamic Calligraphy. Students start their learning journey by mastering Arabic Penmanship with the normal pen (Level 1-3).  Through these levels, students will be able to apply the schematic concepts of the Naskh script into their Arabic Penmanship. Typically a student will spend a minimum of 24 hours in Level 1 and 2.

The 3 levels ranging mainly from beginners to intermediate and advanced with increasing level of difficulty as learners proceed from one level to the other.

The Beginner (Level 1) and Intermediate levels (Level 2) are mandatory as learners will learn the fundamentals systsems to write the individual and joint-letter for the Arabic Language before forming sentences and  writing their own certificate which will be an immitation of a selected text written in Arabic Penmanship. A mandatory minimum learning time of 24 hours is needed to be eligible for the certificate of both levels.

The Advanced level (Level 3) is optional for learners and is open for those who wish to further refine their writing with more complex structure of the join-letters and acquire the skills to become trainers themselves.

Browse our learner’s work in our Ijazah Programme Gallery.

[This programme is conducted by The Bustan Khat teaching faculty and supervised by the Master Calligrapher Syeikh Belaid Hamidi.]