Arabic Calligraphy


By incorporating the Hamidi Methodology of learning Arabic Calligraphy into the curriculum of our Ijazah Programme, we are embodying the vision of our teachers to the learning journey of our learners.

Learners will learn a different type of font at every level by learning the fundamentals of every script before moving on to imitate the woks of master calligraphers of the past.

The materials and references that will be used in each level are selected exercise booklets that were written by Masters of each script.

Finally, learners are required to write and prepare for their license of that font before moving on to the next level. These levels are interconnected with each other and are designed to develop a step-by-step mastery of Islamic Calligraphy.

Browse our learner’s work in our Ijazah Programme Gallery.

[This programme is conducted by The Bustan Khat teaching faculty and supervised by the Master Calligrapher Syeikh Belaid Hamidi.]