Our Services

Custom Artwork

We specialise in creating custom artworks, either traditionally handwritten or digitised, in up to 12 different Arabic scripts. Gift an artwork to someone special or buy one for yourself.

Commission our professional calligraphers to create something special for you.

Calligraphy Courses

We offer online and face-to-face Arabic Penmanship and calligraphy workshops as well as structured certification programmes for individuals, schools, and organisations.

Booths & Talks

We love how the art of Islamic calligraphy can bond people and spark meaningful conversations. Engage us to give a talk on calligraphy or conduct a live writing session at your upcoming social event.

Writing Materials

We provide essential writing materials that come with care instruction manuals to support your calligraphy journey. Our reed pens are also perfect as gifts for that budding calligrapher friend or colleague of yours.

Khat CCA

We conduct Arabic penmanship and Islamic calligraphy lessons for CCA clubs in Singapore schools.

Get in touch with us to bring Islamic calligraphy to your school and instil in your students a deep appreciation of the art of Islamic calligraphy.