Arabic Penmanship: Crash Course

[tabs][tab title=”Description”]An intensive crash course conducted as a workshop extracted from level 1 and 2 of the Ijazah Program.

This 4-session workshop will focus on the fundamentals of writing Arabic Penmanship for practical everyday use. The content will cover the individual and joint letters. Also, ways to write words and sentences. Participants will be taught to write with the normal pen based on the schematic concepts of the Naskh script.

This workshop is designed for participants who is looking to learn to write and improve their Arabic Handwriting. At the end of the workshop, participants will be assigned to write their own greeting cards.

Note that this is an intensive workshop and will not be conducted in the traditional way of learning calligraphy/Penmanship. Unlike the Ijazah Programme, participants will not be awarded with an Ijazah/license at the end of the session. Participants who are looking towards an Ijazah, do wait instead for the registration period of our Ijazah Programme.

[/tab][tab title=”Itenerary”]

Day Content
Day 1 Individual letters
Day 2 Joint letters
Day 3 Words and sentences
Day 4 Application

[/tab][tab title=”Participants”]

Anyone above the age of 11.

No background of writing Arabic is required.

[/tab][tab title=”Duration and timing”]

Date: 4 – 7 June 2018 (Monday to Thursday)

Time: 11 am – 2 pm

[/tab][tab title=”Venue”]

The Bustan Khat Centre

405A Changi Road, Singapore 419857

Nearest MRT: Kembangan

[/tab][tab title=”Fees”]

$120/ pax (inclusive of materials)

[/tab][tab title=”Registration”]

A minimum of 5 participants to proceed with a session.